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Taunton Chapter Order of DeMolay


Chapter Officers
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What is DeMolay??
Chapter Officers

The following Officers were Installed November 30th, 2002 for the ensuing term

Contact Information for the Officers can be found on the Contacts Page

Master Councilor--Keith Hardy, State Marshal
Senior Councilor--Harrison Reno
Junior Councilor--A.J. Fawcett, III
Marshal--Austin Reno, State Scribe
Chaplain--Gary Choate, Jr.
Senior Deacon--Steven Jones
Junior Deacon--Jonathan Connors, PMC
Senior Steward--Dwayne Riley
Junior Steward--Jason Gendron
Standard Bearer--Craig Hirtle
1st Preceptor--Joseph Pratt, Jr.
2nd Preceptor--Alan Comeau
3rd Preceptor--Adam Ricci
4th Preceptor--Brandon Piers
5th Preceptor--Mark Ferioli
6th Preceptor--James Clark
7th Preceptor--W. Ryan Hardy, SSC
Cadence Sarno, Chapter Sweetheart
Heather Dwelly, Sweetheart Court
Courtney Sarno, Sweetheart Court

Chapter Officers??

DeMolay is an organization run by the members.  We elect our three top Chapter Officers (Master Councilor, Senior Councilor, and Junior Councilor) and the Master Councilor then appoints the remaining officers for his term.  Terms last six months, and begin in May and November. 
With the honor of being a Chapter Officer comes a lot of responsibility, but also great rewards.  You'll learn qualities such as teamwork, leadership, and public speaking.  It's a great experience that will teach you lessons you'll carry with you all your life.

Interested in running for a Councilor's seat??  Ask the Advisory Council for details!!