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Taunton Chapter Order of DeMolay


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Upcoming Events

Here you'll find a listing of coming events for Taunton Chapter.  It's a great way to keep updated on what's going on.  We look forward to seeing you at the following events!!

Recent Events

On March 9th, Taunton held its second annual Spaghetti Dinner and Auction.  The event was once again a huge success, with the chapter bringing in over $500 in profit!  A huge thanks goes out to the advisors and members who helped make the day as great as it was by serving customers, taking tickets, cooking, cleaning up, and running the auction.  Let's hope that this fun event can be come an annual tradition that lives on!
April 12th, 2003 was the date of this year's State Sweetheart Ball.  This year Taunton was fortunate enough to have its Chapter Sweetheart, Miss Heather Dwelly, elected to serve as a State Sweetheart Court member for the following year.  Congratulations to Heather, and good luck in advance on her upcoming term as one of the State Sweethearts!


Upcoming Events

June 28th/29th, 2003
State Softball Tournament
Joint team with Worcester Chapter
Contact SC Harrison Reno for more info
July 5th, 2003
Cook-out and Pool Party
Contact MC Keith Hardy for more info
July 11th-13th, 2003
Massachusetts DeMolay Conclave
Contact Dad Steve Joseph for more info
July 26th, 2003
Trip to Six Flags
Contact MC Keith Hardy for more info
August 9th, 2003
Car Wash Fundraiser
Contact MC Keith Hardy for more info
August 16th, 2003
Cook-out served by Sweethearts
Contact MC Keith Hardy for more info
September 6th, 2003
Gardner Chapter Visitation
Meeting Starts at 12:00 pm