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Taunton Chapter Order of DeMolay


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What is DeMolay??
Contacts Page

Here you can find information on how to contact the various members and advisors of Taunton Chapter.

Questions??  Comments??  If there is anything we can do for you, contact us!!


Chapter Contacts

Advisory Council
Dad Joseph Russo, Chairman
Dad Steven Joseph, Chapter Advisor
Dad James Hardy, Athletics
Dad Matthew Connors
Keith Hardy, MC (SMar)
Harrison Reno, SC
AJ Fawcett, III, JC
Austin Reno, Mar. (SScr)
Gary Choate, Jr, Chap.
Steven Jones, SD
Jon Connors, JD
Jason Gendron, JS
Craig Hirtle, SB
Brandon Piers, 4P
W. Ryan Hardy, 7P (SSC)
Cadence Sarno
Heather Dwelly
Courney Sarno

If you're a member and your email address is not listed here, contact the Webmaster to get added to the list!!

Interested in Joining??

Membership in DeMolay affords you great opportunities you won't find anywhere else.  It's the largest male youth fraternity WORLDWIDE.  You'll make friendships to last you a lifetime, develop yourself as a young man, and have some of the best times of your life. 
Young men ages 12-21 are eligible to join, and once initiated, membership is lifetime.  A one-time fee of $35.00 is required to join. 
If you'd like more information or an application for membership, don't hesitate to contact us!!