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Taunton Chapter Order of DeMolay


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What is DeMolay??
What is DeMolay??

DeMolay was founded in 1919 by Frank S. Land and a group of young men in Kansas City, Missouri.  The club started off small but with just a few short years had spread out across the nation.  From that one small chapter in Missouri, DeMolay has grown to span the globe. 
Some of the most famous men in history have passed through the ranks of DeMolay.  Politicians, astronauts, athletes, and celebrities have all benefitted from membership in our Order.  Leadership qualities that will last a lifetime can be learned through DeMolay where the members are truly in charge.  The members decide what events they wish to hold, with adult advisors lending advice and support. 
DeMolay is built on several ideals such as patriotism, courtesy, and comradeship.  Community service is also a major part of the Order.  The ideals of DeMolay offer something for young men to look up to and try to emulate.  Involvement in DeMolay is a great way to build character and make new the old adage goes, you'll get out of it what you put into it!!
If you like sports, dances, making new friends, and getting together with guys your own age to have a great time, then DeMolay might just be for you!!

Some Famous DeMolays
Walt Disney
Walter Cronkite
Dan Rather
John Wayne
Pete Rose
Willard Scott
Fran Tarkenton
Tom Osborne
Bill Clinton
Mark Calloway (the Undertaker)
Could you be next...??

If you'd like more information, feel free to contact any of the members of Taunton Chapter listed on the Contacts Page.